Download Manuals


Here you can download the complete user manual for your device. If you have any of the Bravo devices, of which there are several versions, you are unsure which version you have, just take a quick look at your stimulator:

  • If no number series 1-5 is printed above the display, this is Version 1.0.
    If this row of numbers is visible above the window, you would need to open the battery compartment.
  • If there is room for 1 battery 9V, it is version 2.0
  • If there is room for 4 batteries type AA, it is version 3.0

Incontinence therapy devices

Pain therapy devices (TENS)

Muscle stimulation devices (EMS)

multi-function-stimulation device

electro-acupuncture device

muscle stimulator for paretic muscles, TENS und EMS

t2-Channel-EMG-Biofeedback device

Biofeedback device with EMG-triggered Stimulation

Please note that the operating instructions for DuoBravo U, DuoBravo N and DuoBravo U + N are identical.

The erection aids

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