About us

About us

MTR+ is an ISO certified company, which has specialized in development, production and sale of devices for electric stimulation. The company was established in Berlin in 2001 with the aim of providing the market with high-quality digital devices to moderate and competitive prices. Basing on many years of experience with electrical stimulation in the medical sector as a partner of physicians, patients and health insurance companies, MTR+ introduced the device series “MTR plus” to the German market.

Intensive contact to many physicians and patients as well as the really excellent cooperation with some of our professional clients, has led to our ability to present a

The Bravo-Series

completely new series of units for electric stimulation in a modern design by the end of 2003. The new devices of the Bravo-series have further optimized fixed programs for each destination. In addition it offers the experienced user the opportunity to configure, to store and if required, to alter the multi-phase programs according to individual desire. In the meantime we can see a steadily increasing number of satisfied customers / partners who have made good experience with this proven model series. The devices meet the expectations of physicians and, due to the simple handling, the variety of programs, and the high safety level, have also been very well accepted by the patients.


DuoBravo und SineBravo

Due to the update of the German resource directory, we have an integrated “Real Time Clock” (RTC) now in our TENS-, EMS- and Incontinence-devices, which enables the therapist to obtain a global overview of the treatment data of his patient or even details of each individual treatment session. In both cases the clock allows the detailed therapy-control with temporal assignment.
In spring 2010 the devices of the “Bravo” series have got optimized programs once again. Of course each unit offers the chance for experienced users to design multi-phase programs according to their individual needs as well. These programs can be configured, stored and altered anytime.

In May 2010 we have declared DoloBravo, RehaBravo and BioBravo for listing in the new German resource directory.
A special device is MyoBravo. This stimulator includes 23 pre-set programs for muscle stimulation and provides additional pain- and incontinence-treatment programs. Of course it allows the previously described self-configuration as well. By combining different types of therapy MyoBravo is very popular in the export business. Since it also includes special programs to improve circulation, muscle regeneration and detoxification, it can be effectively used in the medical area as well as by athletes.  The product range has been expanded in 2012 with 6 additional models. In MEDICA 2011 we just have shown the Sine Bravo, a dual-channel biofeedback device, as well as


DuoBravo, that is also a dual-channel device, made for EMG-triggered stimulation. DuoBravo is versatile, comfortable and very easy to use. One year later we have been

The Lito-Series

able to show the Lito-devices – a complete new series of 4 inexpensive stimulators. The huge rise in price pressures on the health care market prompted us to develop new low budget models that will still meet the requirements of the German medical device directory as well as those of the Council Directive 93/42/EEC. Dolito (TENS), Rehalito (EMS), Biolito (incontinence treatment) and the multifunctional Myolito are available since January 2013.

We are pleased that the new stimulator for peroneus treatment, PeroBravo, meanwhile is in demand worldwide and has already established itself in practice. With this device, all stages of treatment are possible, starting with long single pulses of different shape (triangle, trapezoid) in the beginning of the treatment up to walking exercise with foot switch control. PeroBravo is very easy to use and is offered at attractive prices.

From our location in the southwest of Berlin we will stay serious partner for our customers all around the world. We look forward to each new sales partner, who shares our philosophy – to sell high quality goods at competitive prices.