the neuromuscular stimulatior DuoBravo

The “EMG-triggered muscle stimulation” combines deliberate physical efforts with the passive electric stimulation. Thus different therapeutic approaches are combined. Especially for heavier damage, this method has proved as more effective in comparison to the pure biofeedback training without additional stimulation. Alone by the intention to do a movement the electrical activity increases in those muscle groups that have been attempted to control. This also applies to paretic muscles.

With (self-adhesive) skin electrodes or optionally via a vaginal or rectal probe the muscle activity that can be created by own efforts is measured. Provided that the device connected to the electrodes thereby registers a sufficient increase of activity potential in the treated muscle, current is automatically triggered and brings muscle to contraction passively. The current intensity used for this is different for every user. It should be high enough to bring the muscle to contraction, but should never be uncomfortable or even cause pain. In this way the intended movement will be actually executed – based on the will to move. By the senses the successful execution is subsequently reported to the brain. If you repeat this process often enough, there is a chance to relearn “forgotten” movements again, to be able to perform these movements independently later – without the help of the device. This form of therapy is effectively applied particularly in the treatment of incontinence (stress, urge and mixed incontinence, fecal incontinence) and in neurological rehabilitation.

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