Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation (TENS)

DoloBravo contains 12 fixed programs in three different modes.

  • The continuous mode blocks pain transfer very well.
  • The modulating mode blocks pain transfer and in addition delays the bodily habituation process to the electrical stimulation.
  • The burst mode is responsible for the increased release of body-own endorphins.
  • The Dense-Disperse-Stimulation, developed by Prof. Han, is a special kind of continuous mode. It includes a continuous change between 100 Hz and 2 Hz. This way, different analgesic effects can be achieved simultaneously.

DoloBravo does not only contain each mode several times in its pure form, but possesses also multi-phase programs, in which different modes alternate automatically.
Therefore it is possible to achieve both of the above specified therapy goals (blockade of nerves + rise of endorphin production) with one single program. Additionally the three freely configurable programs enable the specialist to compile specially tailored programs for his own individual purpose. As these programs can be changed at any time after storing – for example to be altered according to the progress of therapy – an almost unrestricted variation range is available.

Features and Benefits:Technical Data:1 Set DoloBravo contains:Downloads:
  • 12 pre-set programs, incl. 3 programs in “Dense-Disperse-Mode” according to Prof. Han
  • 3 additional 5-phase custom-programs
  • 5 different modes (continuous, modulated, burst, Han and work/rest)
  • High safety level to protect the user
  • Two channels
  • Time setting from 1 min. to 10 hours
  • Time count down monitored on LCD screen
  • Automatic switch off after 4 minutes if unit is not in use
  • An integrated real time clock enables the detailed control of each session of the last 60 days of treatment
  • CE 0123
  • Dual channel: individually isolated circuits.
  • Waveform: Asymmetrical, rectangular, bi-phasic with zero DC current
  • Amplitude: 0 – 90 mA, Type: Constant Current
  • Pulse width: 50 µS – 450 µS
  • Pulse rate 1 – 200 Hz
  • Operated by 1 battery 9V
  • 1 device DoloBravo
  • 2 lead wires to connect 2 pairs of electrodes
  • 1 batteries 9V
  • 1 operators manual
  • 1 carrying case
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