Acupuncture is a healing method, which has been used for millenniums especially in China but also in other Asian countries, and more and more in western countries. Acupuncture has a pain-relieving effect but it mainly harmonises the imbalances of our body, which is vital for our health. This is why the application possibilities of acupuncture are almost limitless today and it has turned out to be especially effective in pain therapy. Classic acupuncture is done with needles inserted into the skin. PuntoBravo combines the classic medical knowledge of this technique with the modern knowledge of electrotherapy.

An acupuncture point is a region on the skin where the skin has a measurably slighter electric resistance. The acupuncture points are frequently located at the emergent portals of nerves and vascular bundles. These tiny sections on the skin are the places where acupuncture needles are inserted and electric stimulation is applied. The traditional Chinese art of healing teaches that energy, which runs through the body, forms certain pathways that connect the acupuncture points with each other. There are 12 main pathways on each side of the body, 15 network pathways, 12 special pathways, 12 muscle and tendon pathways and 8 extraordinary pathways. Each of these pathways is linked with another. In addition, each one of them is connected to an organ or an organ system. This explains why it is possible to treat a headache with an acupuncture point on the foot. The conductive paths connect the stimulation with the pain. There are near points and remote points. Remote points are stimulated in case of acute pain and the near points in case of chronic pain. In a healthy body, the energy flows unhindered through the pathways. However, when this flow is interrupted, meaning the flow of energy hindered at one or several acupuncture points, the flow of the entire energy is also reduced or increased. This is a disruption in both cases. Only a balanced energy state is healthy. However, it takes knowledge and experience of the doctor to find the place of imbalance for the respective illness in the system and eliminate it with the aid of acupuncture. PuntoBravo supports this search and therefore improves the possibilities of the therapy.

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